K9Sense-NO₂ Gas Sensor

Evaluation Kit

K9Sense-NO₂ Gas Sensor Evaluation Kit

K9Sense-NO₂ Gas Sensor Evaluation Kit is an ultra-low-power sensor kit that is able to target ammonia with low cross-sensitivity. The K9Sense-NO₂ sensor is based on ‘Wake On Sense’ technology that allows for real-time gas monitoring while consuming just a few µw of power. The K9Sense-NO₂ evaluation kit includes the INA317 µA instrumentation amplifier, AD5272BRMZ-100 Nano power ADC chip, and STM32 Cortex M0 processor under the hood. This nitrogen dioxide gas sensor kit offers 200µA low power in passive sense mode outputs such as temperature, relative humidity, and gas concentration. 




  • Calibrated and temp compensated output
  • Integrated T & RH monitoring
  • 1ms fast response (typical)
  • Simple virtual com port interface
  • I²C Interface
  • 0°C – 50°C operating temperature range
  • RoHS compliant
  • 20ppb to 1000ppb measurement range
  • 0.5ppb resolution

Low Power

  • 200µA at 1Hz polling
  • 9mA in active mode (typically on for <1s)
  • 14mA when reading from USB in real-time
  • 200µA at 1Hz polling ultra-low-power operation

Passive sense mode

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Gas concentration

Small form factor

  • 66mm x 30mm x 8mm
  • <0.2g lightweight


  • Analog gas sensor development board
  • 2 x samples of Altered Carbon K9 sensors
  • Micro USB to USB
  • Link to setup and logging utility
  • Link to full design documentation
  • Schematic
  • Parts list (BOM)
  • Gerber/design files
  • Firmware


  • Environmental monitoring
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Indoor air quality
  • Diesel pollution
  • Waste management
  • Chemical industry
  • Breath analysis
  • Exhaust gas monitoring
  • Gas alert system
  • Medical diagnostics
  • IoT and SMART world

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