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Altitude Tech IoT Bit 4G Industrial Development Boards are designed to provide super-fast cat4 4G modems for faster connectivity.
The product also offers a GPS for accurate positioning information and advanced battery management hardware (and software) to keep track of battery health/state of charge.
The IoT Bit 4G industrial development boards use Simcom SIM7600X-H modems that support LTE CAT4 up to 150Mbps for downlink and 50Mbps for uplink data transfer. These IoT Bit boards help developers to create factory automation solutions as all the components are industrially rated.
The IoT Bit 4G Industrial development boards are the perfect module for scientists, designers, and creators as they exhibit powerful connectivity in all the environments.

Typical applications include mobile data hotspots, IoT applications, media streaming, robotics, industrial/home automation, server/cloud servers, security monitoring, GPS tracking, gaming, wireless access points, and environmental sensing/monitoring.



  • Expansion board for Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer
  • 4G (100mbps download, 50mbps upload) connectivity ideal for large downloads and video streaming
  • All the components are industrially rated
  • Supported regions
    • PI01-4: UK, EU
  • HAT boards are fully assembled and connect to Raspberry Pi with no soldering
  • Easy set-up, with a single terminal command software setup to streamline IoT Bit with your Raspberry Pi
  • Universal Micro-SIM slot accepts any Micro-SIM card
  • Onboard battery support
  • High-efficiency power regulation up to 3A
  • SMA female connector for external antenna
  • Modular U.FL GPS antenna support
  • Super-fast cat 4 4G modems for faster connectivity
  • Accurate GPS positioning information
  • Advanced battery management hardware and software



Server/cloud server

Print server

GPS tracking

Wireless access points

Environmental sensing/monitoring (weather stations


Industrial/home automation

Security monitoring


Industry 4.0

Industry ready

The IoTBit 4G Industrial Version has been designed with the factory of tomorrow in mind providing a super-fast cat 4 4G modems for faster connectivity, a GPS for highly accurate positioning information and advanced battery management hardware and software to enable you to keep track of battery health and state of charge.

This is the perfect module for developers creating factory automation solutions and every component is industrially rated.

This is the perfect module for scientists and creators as it gives your device powerful connectivity wherever you are. Simply plug in the module into your device and start playing.
4G (up to150 mbps down/ 50 mbps up)


  • IoT Bit 4G Industrial Board with 40-pin header
  • GPS antenna
  • SMA antenna (2)
  • USB cable to micro USB

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